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  3. Friday, 16 April 2010
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Given Below are Guidelines for posting articles at Vinkle! Please follow these guidelines while submitting articles.

[size=3]Keep in mind[/size]

[ul]1. The articles should be reader friendly and should be formatted properly.

2. Do not copy even a single Paragraph as it may lead to deletion. However there are only some chances of getting approved if the whole content is found very useful in other terms.

3. Post your article as a bunch of paragraphs so that it would be easy for the reader.

4. Please post detailed information about the topic so that the visitor is fully satisfied.

5. Please submit relevant Meta keywords and Meta Description to be placed at top in search engines

6. Do not violate simple writing restrictions such as using Capital letter at the start of a sentence or using commas wherever needed etc.

[size=3]Why Articles Get Deleted?[/size]

[ol]1. Your articles are liable for Deletion when the content is fully or partially copied from other websites on net or from Books or Magazines that are copy-right protected.

2. The articles that are not properly formatted can also be deleted. But sometimes if and only if the publishers find that the content can be properly formatted with ease then they will format your article properly and approve.[/ol]
Also in the article submission page we have stated some more information regarding the same please make sure you go by the rules and earn more from ads.

If you have any queries please post a reply or open a new thread.
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