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Forum http://vinkle.com/forum/categories/4-announcements.html Tue, 20 Mar 2018 20:46:37 +0530 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Business directory reaches 2000 listings http://vinkle.com/forum/business-directory-reaches-2000-listings.html http://vinkle.com/forum/business-directory-reaches-2000-listings.html
It is very pleasing to announce that Vinkle! has reached 2000 business listings and college listings alone has touched 2000 listings and getting good response from visitors as well. This has been made possible due to hard work by some of our members and I take this opportunity to congratulate them and also hope that Vinkle! gets the same contribution from more members in the same way in future as well.

Thanks and regards,
adithya.s11@gmail.com (CoolBreeze) Announcements Mon, 08 Aug 2011 08:35:55 +0530
2 years revenue sharing at Vinkle! http://vinkle.com/forum/2-years-revenue-sharing-at-vinkle.html http://vinkle.com/forum/2-years-revenue-sharing-at-vinkle.html
This is an important announcement. At Vinkle! we have said that we are giving 100% revenue share to all the content posted by members with a valid adsense account. But we have come to this painful decision to make 100% adsense revenue for a period of 2 years. Until then you will get all impressions and revenue under your account. This tough decision was unavoidable due to various reasons like hosting, domain cost, maintenance cost, servers, editors, softwares etc. We may extend this period to some special and more contributing members and also announce new perks based on the cost we incur to maintain the site. So we hope you please cooperate with us and extend your help to make Vinkle! a sharing and caring community. For more details on adsense revenue sharing please read this article:Earn Money: 100% Google Adsense revenue sharing Program. If you have any more questions please post a reply.

Thanks and regards,
Vinkle! Team]]>
adithya.s11@gmail.com (CoolBreeze) Announcements Mon, 25 Jul 2011 04:30:30 +0530
Monthly Toppers-A new feature http://vinkle.com/forum/monthly-toppers-a-new-feature.html http://vinkle.com/forum/monthly-toppers-a-new-feature.html Dear members,

A new feature has been added to the site today with which you can find the Monthly Toppers in the site. This shows the names of 5 members who has earned the most number of points in this month and in the previous month.

You can select either to see the points of this month or the points of the last month.

Please give your feedback about the feature so that we can try to improvise it.[/color]]]>
xerox1rocks@gmail.com (Administrator) Announcements Sun, 04 Apr 2010 14:39:43 +0530
Article submission Guidelines http://vinkle.com/forum/article-submission-guidelines.html http://vinkle.com/forum/article-submission-guidelines.html
Given Below are Guidelines for posting articles at Vinkle! Please follow these guidelines while submitting articles.

[size=3]Keep in mind[/size]

[ul]1. The articles should be reader friendly and should be formatted properly.

2. Do not copy even a single Paragraph as it may lead to deletion. However there are only some chances of getting approved if the whole content is found very useful in other terms.

3. Post your article as a bunch of paragraphs so that it would be easy for the reader.

4. Please post detailed information about the topic so that the visitor is fully satisfied.

5. Please submit relevant Meta keywords and Meta Description to be placed at top in search engines

6. Do not violate simple writing restrictions such as using Capital letter at the start of a sentence or using commas wherever needed etc.

[size=3]Why Articles Get Deleted?[/size]

[ol]1. Your articles are liable for Deletion when the content is fully or partially copied from other websites on net or from Books or Magazines that are copy-right protected.

2. The articles that are not properly formatted can also be deleted. But sometimes if and only if the publishers find that the content can be properly formatted with ease then they will format your article properly and approve.[/ol]
Also in the article submission page we have stated some more information regarding the same please make sure you go by the rules and earn more from ads.

If you have any queries please post a reply or open a new thread.
xerox1rocks@gmail.com (Administrator) Guidelines Fri, 16 Apr 2010 11:40:19 +0530
A beloved Happy Birthday to our beloved Vinkle! http://vinkle.com/forum/a-beloved-happy-birthday-to-our-beloved-vinkle.html http://vinkle.com/forum/a-beloved-happy-birthday-to-our-beloved-vinkle.html
Its really a good news for the start of the day. What more, Vinkle! has become a 2 year old baby.

It is my pleasure to wish this baby a many many happy returns of the day.

I wish the Glory of Vinkle! spreads across the internet in much more ways with much more advanced features. I hope we will contribute much more towards the success of Vinkle! in the upcoming days...

Thank You,
With regards,
Anupa Koti]]>
akoti01@gmail.com (Clever Player) Announcements Tue, 14 Feb 2012 19:07:06 +0530
Site Updated. http://vinkle.com/forum/site-updated.html http://vinkle.com/forum/site-updated.html xerox1rocks@gmail.com (Administrator) Announcements Tue, 13 Nov 2012 19:03:28 +0530 Vinkle finds a new host http://vinkle.com/forum/vinkle-finds-a-new-host.html http://vinkle.com/forum/vinkle-finds-a-new-host.html
We are happy to announce that Vinkle! has got a new host. We transferred from the old host due to disk space and bandwidth issue. Now we have both unlimited diskspace and bandwidth!! SO please enjoy your stay at Vinkle. :laugh: :P

Thanks and Regards,
xerox1rocks@gmail.com (Administrator) Announcements Wed, 20 Jul 2011 07:16:23 +0530
Happy Birthday Vinkle! http://vinkle.com/forum/happy-birthday-vinkle.html http://vinkle.com/forum/happy-birthday-vinkle.html As all of you know Vinkle! was found on Feb 15th 2010.

So I would like to wish a very happy birthday to Vinkle! on this occasion...]]>
akoti01@gmail.com (Clever Player) Announcements Tue, 15 Feb 2011 17:52:57 +0530
Superbug NDM-1: A Propaganda against India?? http://vinkle.com/forum/superbug-ndm-1-a-propaganda-against-india.html http://vinkle.com/forum/superbug-ndm-1-a-propaganda-against-india.html
While this has been a serious issue to face the bacteria, still serious issue is with its name. The name of this bacteria being Superbug NDM-1, is now the subject of conflict. The issue with the name is that, it has been named after India's capital: NDM-1 stands for New Delhi Metallo-1.

It has been a very sad issue that India which was known for a bunch of good qualities is now being known for a dangerous bacteria even though it is not a cause of it.

But still the country's government is very much silent on this. Let us raise our voice against it and vote for a online petition against the name of this bacteria and asking to change it.

Also See these:
1. Research published in UK's prestigious medical journal
2. Online petition to change the name of the superbug

[size=5][color=#FF6600]Please sign this online petition to change the name of the superbug.[/color][/size]]]>
xerox1rocks@gmail.com (Administrator) Announcements Fri, 13 Aug 2010 21:26:23 +0530

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