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  3. Monday, 09 November 2009
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[size=4]Welcome to Kunena![/size]

Thank you for choosing Kunena for your community forum needs in Joomla.

Kunena, translated from Swahili meaning "to speak", is built by a team of open source professionals with the goal of providing a top-quality, tightly unified forum solution for Joomla. Kunena even supports social networking components like Community Builder and JomSocial.

[size=4]Additional Kunena Resources[/size]

Kunena Documentation: [url]http://www.kunena.com/docs[/url]

Kunena Support Forum: [url]http://www.kunena.com/forum[/url]

Kunena Downloads: [url]http://www.kunena.com/downloads[/url]

Kunena Blog: [url]http://www.kunena.com/blog[/url]

Submit your feature ideas: [url]http://www.kunena.com/uservoice[/url]

Follow Kunena on Twitter: [url]http://www.kunena.com/twitter[/url]
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