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Auscultation is the part of the clinical examination which is to listen with a stethoscope (mediate auscultation), or simply in the ear, noises produced by different organs of human body, including those issued by the heart, the lungs and bronchi, the intestines, the carotid arteries and the arteries femoral. This method of medical diagnosis has been developed by René Laennec in 1816.
It is a mistake to characterize auscultation a clinical examination that do not appeal to the hearing.
Ascultation Areas
Pulmonary Auscultation
Preferably made on the posterior chest, can also be done earlier. It looks for the presence of normal lung sounds and adventitious sounds (abnormal). The main noise is normal lung breath sounds. It reflects the entry of air into the lungs is decreased in several pulmonary conditions.
Normal Sounds
  • Breath sounds throughout the chest
  • Noise
  • Anterior chest: bilaterally in the 2nd intercostal space near the body of the sternum
  • Posterior chest: bilaterally on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th intercostal spaces near the junction of the ribs (head, neck) australia online casinos to the backbone
  • Tracheobronchial noise level of the sternum
  • Noise level of the trachea
Noise weeds
  • Rhonchi or wheezing or snoring sound
  1. Tone bass frequencies below 200Hz.
  2. Emphasis on expiry.
  3. Noise resembling what one hears when you blow into the neck of a bottle and snoring.
  4. It may disappear if the person produces an effective cough, or if secretions were aspirated.
Wheeze (audible stethoscope only)
  1. Have a pitched around 400Hz
  2. Emphasis on expiry
  3. Noise that looks like that means that when you deflate a balloon which pinch the hole.
Crackles purposes
  1. Sounds sweet, high tone, very brief.
  2. Audibles especially at the end of inspiration.
  3. They do not disappear when the person coughs. We can compare the sound of a lock of hair when it is rolled between his fingers.
Crackling Rudes
  1. Sounds strong, low tone, longer.
  2. Audibles especially during inspiration and early expiration.
  3. They can decline if the person coughs, if it changes its position or following a bronchial aspiration.
  4. They can be compared to a wood fire crackling or corn that explodes. They also resemble the gargoyles.
Pleural rub
  1. Noise very superficial, which resembles the crackling.
  2. It happens at the end of expiration.
  3. You can compare the noise made by two pieces of leather rubbing against each other.
  4. It is especially audible around the left anterior axillary line or lines.

Aspirin: A daily dose can harm healthy people
The healthy people who take daily aspirin for prevention are more likely to suffer internal bleeding, says a British study.
Furthermore, aspirin has proved just as effective than placebo in preventing atherosclerosis, which increases the risk of certain heart disorders.
The researchers evaluated the preventive effect of daily aspirin in patients potentially at risk for cardiovascular disease but who were deemed healthy after all.
They were followed for 8 years, 3 350 participants, aged 50 to 75 who had blood pressure high systolic. Half of them received daily treatment with 100 mg of aspirin, while other participants received a placebo medication.
In total, 2% of patients in the first group were hospitalized after suffering a hemorrhage. This percentage was 1.2% in the control group.
A lack of evidence
These results do not surprise Dr. Paul Poirier, a cardiologist and professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Laval University: "The evidence on the effectiveness of aspirin as a preventive measure are lacking for other diseases such as for diabetes. A caveat is, moreover, reflected in the scientific literature and practice guidelines in Canada. "
The findings of the study does not however call into question the scientific evidence of the effectiveness of aspirin in preventing cardiovascular complications in patients already sick, say the authors of the study.

The delineation of what is medicine and what is not is a source of debate.

The major innovations introduced by Western medicine from the nineteenth century (anesthesia and antisepsis and vaccination and antibiotics in the nineteenth century), its successes and its dissemination throughout the world particularly through the colonization by the West will encourage them to ask in the first half of the twentieth century, Western scientific medicine as a unique model of medicine worldwide. The establishment of an international conventional medicine explains the use of the term still used "unconventional medicine" to refer to other medicines.

This implies the rejection by institutions outside the medical definition of old western medicines, including medicine dealt with medieval obscurantist, and non-Western traditional medicine, including the most structured of all the Chinese medicine.

However, in the late twentieth century, certain limitations faced by medicine (resistance to antibiotics as a result of misuse, adverse chemicals, failure to meet certain viruses, etc..) led to reconsider the alternatives of medicine.

This shift has resulted in the development in the West, scaled the face of modern scientific medicine, medicine alternatives, "soft", traditional or foreign, such as the homeopathy, the herbal medicine, the acupuncture, etc..

Also, always at the end of the twentieth century, including the effects of globalization, traditional medicines or non-Western, have seen their recognized place in the world medicine: in 2002, the World Health has set up its first global strategy on traditional medicine.

Some researchers even rehabilitate some of the aspects of medicine medieval West. As the medical historian Roger Dachez highlighting the preventative and holistic view of medicine had the Middle Ages

In this modern world all will talk about computers. Nowadays mobiles are better than computers. Electronic technology changed the life of a human, it made easier for human work. But if anyone doesn’t know how to use gadgets then there will be in danger for their health. If anyone don’t know how to use Mouse, keyboard, computer, mobile in proper way then they will be in problem for sure.
In modern days everyone knows how to use computers. From smaller workshop to post office, Banking for every work they need computer.  We should have a some distance to see Computer monitor, tv sets otherwise they will suffer from vision syndrome for sure. If we use computer in proper way it will be useful otherwise it will be problem in future.
Nowadays for everything they will send message from mobile. But nobody knows how to hold their handsets, and even they don’t know how to press a key when messaging. So if they don’t know how to use laptop, computer, mobiles then they will get pain in their hand for sure. From this gadgets Tech neck, mouse rest, iPod finger, blackberry thumb and computer vision syndrome and other diseases are possible if they don’t know how to use gadgets. For a example a person using a mobile daily for every minute he used to send hi and bye messages simply for everyone without reason, so one day he got hand pain very much and he visited a doctor, and he said to doctor that I can’t even lift any object, so doctor said don’t use mobile much otherwise you will lose your hand for sure, so he afraid a lot, started to use touch screen mobiles which is more reliable than other mobiles.
Even every fast typewriter will don’t know how to press keys, so they will get little pain for a while, doesn’t neglect like this pain, this will become more in future. From a research they said that 35,000 IT workers they are taking treatment in Neuro muscular skeletal rehabilitation centre.
Usage of keyboard and mouse is common. But they don’t know what the effects are, if they won’t use in proper way. From starting only they won’t get pain in long run pain will be increasing, from this back pain, depression in nerves, bone pain and other problems will arrive. But some people don’t understand and even they don’t bother about it, when it become serious then they will approach a doctor, so at the time all will be over better take care about you when pain arises.
If they don’t use keyboard, mouse, cell phones in proper way then they will suffer from diseases like refiteteam stress syndrome.
Tips to reduce your pain:
After every 30 minutes, you should relax for 30 seconds. And also you should keep stretching your hands and legs periodically, if you keep on doing like this your nerve stress and pain become reduced and also there are small mouse and split keyboard will be more useful and very enjoyable to use.



We must admit that we love to see these people with a flat abdomen and marked. Women love it because some toned abs gives men look sexy and men love it because they draw much ateción. What is not fair that the abdominal markings are apparently easy for some people and not others. But that's not the case, the question is what to do and what not to do.

What to do

Watch what you eat. Like having a toned abdomen is more about eliminating body fat than exercise. You can do all the exercises you want but if the muscles are fat ahead will not be, you will not see you, nor will anyone. In general, a man needs to have a body fat percentage below 10%, not only for the abdominals that look but to improve your overall appearance and have a toned and defined body.

Exercise your whole body and not just the abdominals. When making a whole body exercise to speed up your metabolism, giving you more energy and more importantly will not feel so exhausted.

Remember, walking, swimming and weightlifting are fantastic exercises. You can include and make your workouts are fun at the same time.

You should not do

Eating foods high in fat, sugar and sodium. All this contributes to accumulation of body fat and not getting the necessary nutrients for the body to function correctly when burning fat.

Make excuses not to exercise yourself and not follow your meal plan. A workout can be done even in the most terrible of days, and not an excuse to spend long diet plan just because your partner wants to go to a local fast food. If you start to postpone, it will stop eventually.

Stand in the mirror every morning. The more you look in the mirror, the results will take longer to appear and feel like you have to exercise yourself more. Stay in your eating plan, do your exercises every day and then take your normal daily routine. The less attention you give your body the faster you'll see.

To recap:

- A good diet is just as important that the exercise

- A full-body exercise is required to expend more energy and burn more fat

- It's wanting to have some abdominal marked for them, if you want, you can. So simple.

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Astigmatism is a condition common vision facing most gente.La most people think it is a severe vision problem.

astigmatism has no effect on the vision and needs no special treatment, however, when the results of astigmatism in distorted or blurred vision, sore eyes and headaches, it is necessary correction of astigmatism.

What is astigmatism? Astigmatism is a type of visual impairment (generally, blurred vision) caused by distortions in the curved shape of the anterior surface of the eye (cornea) and / or the curvature of the lens inside the ojo.También can be caused by years of stress and strain on the eyes. The eye strain can weaken the small muscles around the eyes. The problems appear when the eyes to the need to change shape of the cornea or the lens. An irregular shaped cornea or lens prevents light from focusing properly on the retina, the light sensitive area at the rear of ojo.Como result, vision becomes blurred at any distance.

Astigmatism usually comes along with other vision problems like myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness). All these viewing conditions are called refractive errors, because they affect how the eyes bend or "refract" the luz.Ahora the question is how we can make the correction of astigmatism when we have these errores.A Below are some tips you can do to cure astigmatism.

You can use a pendulum to correct the astigmatismo.Usted just lie on the floor and cabeza.Trate pendulum on the track and focus on the direction in which the pendulum mueve.Este exercise can keep his eyes on an object . If you keep doing this exercise, your eyes are better able to focus on a particular object.

When you feel that your eyes are tired, you should take a break. Take a few minutes to relax your eyes. During the break you can have the Exercise of the eye by moving your eyes around. You can look on the patio or the grass green in the outside. Keep your eyes off your computer monitor if you work with a computer. The relaxation can release the tension of the small muscles in their eyes. After relaxation to recover the vision problem.

It's easy in any exercise to work different muscles of those who truly want to work. This is the reason why many people do not see the muscle gains and the reduction of body fat you expect to see. And this has to do with your abs and how to correct it? When you are doing exercises for the lower abdominals to remember exactly what these muscles do. The rectus abdominis (abdominals are the forehead, known as the six-pack) connect from huueso located until the lower ribs. Its purpose is to bridge the gap between these two points.

Many people are wrong when you end up crunches and upper body using ground hip flexors instead of the abdominal muscles. To use your abdominal muscles you should concentrate on narrowing the gap. Ycual "is the way to close the gap and concentrate on your abs? This is a simple exercise you can add to your workout to concentrate on your lower abs.

First, reverse crunches. Instead of having someone hold your legs as when we made the traditional crunches in school, ensures your top placing your hands under your buttocks. And instead of lifting the shoulders Keep your legs straight and take them until they are perpendicular to the ground. Do this 15 times, rest and repeat

Another good exercise for your lower abs are the swimmer's kick. Lie on the floor and place your arms again next to the body by placing hands under the buttocks. With legs straight lift it up from the ground to about 45 degrees and make like you're swimming up and down the legs, like kicking in the water. Do it for 60-90 seconds, rest and repeat.

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By passing a few weeks of using an exercise plan to lose weight, exercise can stop giving the desired results. Sometimes this is because the muscles have adapted to the exercise you're doing.

The body has an amazing ability to adapt to stress. Exercise is the stress that the body must adapt to become stronger. The problem is that by constantly repeating the exercise your body gets used to them. And the result is that you are repeating something that the body is adapted, so it is easier to do, and there is no need for muscles to adapt again.

What would happen is you end up burning calories, which at some point is what this weight loss. However, to keep losing weight will require even more exercise, a strict diet or both. But if the body is constantly challenged this helps to develop the fitness levels and a higher level of fitness is a great way to control weight much more easily.

The importance of progress in the exercise

To overcome these drawbacks is important to change your exercise routine regularly. This helps to re-challenge the body and force the muscles to adapt to new levels of stress. How often should change exercise routines depend on many factors such as genetics, recovery factors, nutrition and energy levels. Whenever I change my routine when I can not make progress for three consecutive sessions.

It may also be a good practice to change other aspects of routine exercises such as frequency, duration, time and pace of the exercise.


There are many people who are as indifferent approach on the appropriate form of aerobic exercise. They believe that while in motion, doing cardio, be burning calories so no need for an appropriate way. In some ways, this is true because aerobic exercises proveera'n some benefit.

People who are just starting an exercise program typically have a way to do the exercises is not correct, however still see some benefit for their efforts. Go to any gym and aerobics classes observed, you will be able to spot instantly among participants who are beginners and those who have been doing for simply by the way they perform each movement. Do not get me wrong, we're talking about fashion, technology needed to make the best of your aerobic exercise program.

The most important reason

Aerobics correctly is important because if you do not have the proper technique during a workout can greatly reduce the benefits they are seeking. Keep in mind that you will receive some benefit, but you have to work doubly hard to achieve. You will not be able to reach the level of performance for which it has designed each session, so you'll have to make the routine more often to get the benefits sought. And who wants to do that? We all know how hard it can be to begin an exercise program first, and if we do not see the results we hope it can be doubly daunting.

Injury Prevention

Another important aspect is to perform the exercises correctly to avoid injury. After all were not only designed for a certain purpose in mind, but were carefully designed to avoid any possible injury. Perform an exercise incorrectly can put some stress on the body that can lead to injuries. We know that there will be some type of pain when you start exercising, but if not paying attention to correctly use when you exercise, it can cause pulls, tears and a series of injuries, and all require some type of DESC to that heal properly, and with this comes the chance to leave your program.

Learn the technique first

When you embark on a new method of exercise, it is imperative that you learn the correct way to do the exercises from the beginning. A good way is making every move slowly and deliberately until you have mastered the technique. Once you learn the methods you can begin adding speed, more stamina, more intensity to your routine. If you start doing each move too fast and not paying attention to the movement can end the day with a terrible pain.

A good tip is to have a little patience, since you probably will not learn the movements in the first class to perfection. It is much easier to take time initially to learn well every move you try to correct the improper technique after already ingrained these habits. With dedication and patience will be on your way to a version of yourself healthier, more energetic and happier. 

Memory, as described in psychology is process of encoding, storing and retrieving information. Humans have memory cells in their brain. Whenever there is any damage in the cell, the particular memory would be lost. Memory Loss is also known as the amnesia, the act of forgetting or inability to recall/retrieve past events.

The memory loss is of 2 types.

  1. Permanent
  2. Temporary

Permanent memory loss can be because of ageing. When people fail to remember past events, they are usually referred to as amnesic. This is common among the aged people and is a natural phenomenon too. A temporary memory loss is act in which victim is unable to retrieve from memory what happened within a short time span. It is said that these kind of memory loss are timed also. The reason for memory loss is mainly due to alcohol consumption, smoking mainly. But on the other hands, lack of sleep especially sound sleep and hyper activities may lead to memory loss

.                                                        Memory loss

Causes for Memory Loss:

Although as mentioned earlier as it maybe due to addictions, it is also believed that it may occur due to deficiency in vitamin B1, B12. Many medicines such as antihistamines, sleeping tablets etc also play an important role in loss of memory. Stress, anxiety also come into picture when they cross a certain level. Any severe blow to head can damage memory and there could be chances of permanent loss of memory. But it is believed that in these situations, memory gradually will be retrieved by the victim. A stroke is another phenomenon which supports memory loss. Stoke is sudden stop of blood to the brain. The stoppage/interruption in the flow of blood causing dis-functionality of brain leading to loss of memory. People having this may remember long term incidents but have chances of losing memory of day-to-day activities like having a meal, taking bath etc.


There is no term as "treatment" for memory loss. It can be lowered by decreasing depression, anxiety. Quitting alcohols, smoking cigars, consumption of drugs play a major role.  Having adequate amount of sleep everyday, consuming nutritious diet would extend the possibilities too.


Hemorrhoids are a medical condition from which the patient suffers from inflamed and swollen veins surrounding the anus or lower rectum. There are many causes that are associated with this medical condition such as pregnancy, age, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, and intestinal tight anal evacuation. This can get worse by any kind of constipation, sitting on the toilet for long, low-fiber diet and pregnancy. This article shows you several alternatives that are very helpful for hemorrhoid treatment.

The following alternatives may be of great help if you suffer from hemorrhoids but this is not a severe phase:

  • Do not stop or postpone the time to go to the bathroom. Natural calls should be answered promptly and must go to the bathroom the first time you desire arise. This hemorrhoid treatment really works.
  • Avoid standing or sitting for long to reduce pressure.
  • Some laxatives may be helpful in significantly reducing constipation and blood from the intestines.
  • It is best to stay away from consuming spicy food because hemorrhoids can be greatly affected by what we eat. This remedy for hemorrhoids insures much relief.
  • Food rich in fiber is very useful. Fruits and vegetables high in fiber should be added to your daily diet.
  • You can use creams and ointments and apply to the affected area to soften bowel movement.
  • Regular exercise is a great treatment for hemorrhoids.
  • Avoid using soap on the affected area and that will only add more irritation and stiffness. This will also be helpful.
  • Warm baths and relaxing are also very effective in treating hemorrhoids. This will help a lot to relieve pain and itching.

Disclaimer: These remedies are just general and are supposed to reduce pain and these must be best followed under the guidance of a medical practitioner. Following these without adequate guidance from a medical practitioner is not advised.

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