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Green leafy vegetables is a phrase that is used to cover a variety of vegetables including spinach, chard and broccoli, to name a few.

Spinach and other vegetables are some of the wonderful foods supplied by nature because it gives us many essential nutrients including: vitamins A, C, D, E, K, minerals like iron, potassium, magnesium, phytonutrients.


Include green leafy vegetables in our daily diet is a good way to get the following benefits:

1. Exceptional health benefits

A diet rich in green leafy vegetables is associated with a range of health benefits, including health of the eyes, bone, cardiovascular, protection against cancer, protection against diabetes and improved immune system.

2. A rich source of iron

Besides meat, there is no other source of iron than green leafy vegetables. Iron is vital for our welfare, as it is the iron in red blood cells which carry oxygen around the body. Anemia occurs when there is insufficient iron, and this causes the associated feeling of fatigue in our bodies, that are not getting enough oxygen for proper operation.

3. High fiber content

The plant-based foods generally have high fiber content, unless overdevelop, in which case they are deleted. Fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate, such as cellulose, which has many benefits in a healthy diet and more regular digestion and makes us feel satisfied longer. This is a great benefit when it comes to reducing the total calories. Fiber is also important for the proper functioning of stomach and intestinal tract.

4. They are low in calories

Most leafy vegetables are not high in calories. You can eat a generous amount of vegetables without worry as long as no seasoned with high fat dressings like mayonnaise, butter or the like.

5. They have a low glycemic index

Although vegetables contain carbohydrates, are composed of very complex molecules. These must be broken down in the stomach before being absorbed as glucose in the blood. This, and the fiber containing the vegetables prevent causing an abrupt elevation of blood glucose.

The weight control based on the glycemic index highlights the importance of eating foods that do not shoot the blood sugar. When this happens again and again, it happens the excess blood sugar that our body can not use. The result is that they become fat deposits and can lead to diabetes.

Foods that are digested so quickly also have another effect: it makes us feel hungry very fast leading us to overeat.

Then, include green leafy vegetables, is an excellent choice for weight control. Vegetables take longer to digest, keeping us fuller longer. They do not cause sudden elevations in blood sugar, do not have many calories, and have a lot of health benefits.

Nutrition is a basic element of health. Some practitioners say that every disease is the result of inappropriate dietary habits.

Due to the rapidly increasing health care and the desire to live longer and healthier, a greater percentage of the population is concerned about nutrition and stay healthy. Undoubtedly, nutrition plays a big role here.

Proper nutrition and physical activity can help prevent continuous consumption of medicines or even surgery to correct the results of bad eating habits without exercise. Healthy eating habits (the way we eat) are the foundation of a healthy diet.

We need to bring a healthy diet. The foods we eat contain a lot of toxins that keep our body has a normal operation. So you have to make better choices about your lifestyle and your diet and get results in an improved level of comfort.

The pillars of nutrition are known as macronutrients because they represent the largest portion of food after water. These are:

• Protein: Composed of 20 different amino acids. Are obtained through the diet. It takes consume 30% of the total diet.

• Fats: Requires consume 20% of the total diet.

• Carbohydrates: Requires consume 50% of the total diet.

The world has changed. Life lives faster. Lack of time makes us eat fast food and eat more and less at home. We live under stress, no time for exercise. I make the following question: why you should have a healthy nutrition? There are many benefits such as:

• The human body needs various nutrients and minerals for good performance and the only way is with a healthy diet including vitamins and minerals.

• The nutrients help your body develop.

• The nutrients needed to repair damaged tissues.

• The main benefit is that keeps you in good health.

If your diet lacks the necessary vitamins, your health can suffer.

Nutrition is very important because the lack of necessary nutrients can allow the threat of viruses and diseases which can lead to illness and even death.

It is located in the middle of two extremes: good health and malnutrition. In the middle is a wide range of diseases that can be caused and prevented due to changes in diet. Malnutrition not only causes problems, but the excesses and imbalances play an important role.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is not only what you eat. It's a whole package. What you eat, how much you sleep, the air we breathe, how much exercise you do, and so on. If you take action and change your lifestyle, you avoid and / or prevent some diseases.

When you buy any food packaged in super, you have to check first the tag containing the nutritional data. I give some tips:

• Check the serving size.

• Czech calories: an adult requires 2,000 calories a day.

• Avoid sugars.

• Know your fats: agree foods low in saturated fats, trans-fats and cholesterol.

• Reduce salt intake.

Do not forget to exercise. It is important to burn calories and helps you lose weight. For people who get plenty of exercise and your muscles will be GUSCO good eating protein supplements. The perfect combination for good nutrition is: diet and exercise.

We ingest the nutrients our body needs to stay healthy. To ensure that this happens it is best to consume a natural supplement we provide the nutrients needed to stay and obtain benefits such as free of allergies, have healthy cholesterol, healthy weight, healthy heart, healthy joints, etc..

Opt for healthy nutrition and stay healthy longer.

          Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personality disorder) is a disorder where a person will act as more than one personality. This disorder is an effect of emotional abuse or extremely high physical, mental or sexual trauma caused during childhood of a person where he/she had suffered badly. It is broadly said as the dissociation of a person from a particular situation of real world and experience a violent or painful act punishing himself or in several cases other too. Generally normal people feel lost sometimes in daydreaming and sometimes when in a deep job. The exponential version of this is called as the dissociative identity disorder. This disorder is caused when a small child of age around 9 is severely affected mentally. The most severe and chronic manifestation of dissociative disorders cause multiple personality


         A person with this disorder will have two to three types of behaviour and has a big inability to remember or recall keen personal information such as his identity. The different personality which may affect a person can be of different age, sex and each of these personalities will have their own way of talking, eating and walking. The major symptom of this disorder being depression, suicidal attempts, insomnia, they also suffer from acute headache and uneasiness in body. They usually do unusual activities when their personality changes such as talking loudly, speeding a vehicle and consider themselves compelled to do it. Person in this disorder state will normally feel "out of body" experience and will lack power of realisation at certain situation and will be prone to amnesia. Identity confusion is most common among them. The main personality with which a person was leading a life would have no idea that there were many changes going on resulting in accumulation of new personalities in it.

         After diagnosis, during initial course of treatment, the number of personalities can be two to four and may also increase with time and the environmental changes. Diagnosis of this disorder is highly difficult and person undergoing this treatment should hand in hand have his depression and anxiety also tested periodically. The stastistical report says that around less than 1% of world population show this disorder and it is believed that around 7% of population would have undiagnosed disorder. As believed there is no cure for this disorder. But since as a fact that it is directly connected to anxiety and stress, psychotherapy and long term medications would cure them. Anti depression drugs would benefit them slightly and help them recover faster.


Medicine (Latin medicus, "healing") is the science whose object is both the study of the organization of the human body (anatomy), its normal function (physiology), and conservation of Health (prophylaxis), dysfunction (pathology) and lastly the various ways to get the restoration of health (therapy).

The medical process

The steps of the medical procedure is composed of:

  • The etiology is the study of the causes of disease;
  • The pathogenesis is the study of the causal mechanism of medicine;
  • the pathophysiology is the study of major changes in functions of diseases;
  • The semiology is the study of all visible signs. It is akin to what is called the clinic, opposed to the para-clinical results are further investigations. Given the increasing complexity of imaging techniques he has developed a semiology of supplementary examinations;
  • The diagnosis is the identification of the disease;
  • The differential diagnosis is the description of diseases with similar signs and can be confused;
  • The therapy is the treatment of disease;
  • The prognosis is anticipating the evolution thereof;
  • The psychology is part of philosophy that deals with the soul, its faculties and operations. The psychology of the patient is an important element of successful medical process. As stated in 1963 the medical historian Jean Starobinski, "a truly comprehensive medicine is not limited to the technical issue, if fully performed his job, the physician establishes with his patient a relationship that will satisfy the emotional needs of latter. The medical act has thus two aspects: firstly the problems of the body and illness are the subject of a knowledge which is not different from that which we take the rest of nature - and the patient's body is then considered a "thing" living can react according to general laws and, secondly, the therapeutic relationship is established between two people, in the context of a personal story - and medicine becomes This time the art of dialogue, where the patient is offered as an interlocutor and an alarmed conscience Canguilhem wrote him that" the medical act  is not a scientific act as human patient is not just a physiological problem to be solved, it is best to relieve distress. "

Branches of medicine

The medicine is the branch of science and technology. As explained by the medical historian Jean Starobinski, medicine today is the applied science in which we act, directly or indirectly, on the processes occurring in the human body. It is transformed into a knowledge power. Theoretical Medicine (biophysics, biochemistry, physiology, pathophysiology, microbiology, pharmacology ,...) sets the basis and rational experimental technique whose implementation is entrusted to the "practitioner"

An outbreak of genital herpes can be something very distressing. Those who experience genital herpes often suffer stress, anxiety, and embarrassment as a result of this disease, and these feelings are exponential during the duration of an outbreak of genital herpes, and these feelings can make the outbreak worse. The victims of genital herpes can avoid feeling anxious and stressed out with some tips to treat this disease at home and help prevent and reduce outbreaks when they occur.

1. Eliminate stress. - Stress is a major factor in the cause of any viral disease, and genital herpes is no exception. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, a new outbreak of herpes is a highly stressful situation. So you should try to avoid getting stressed. You can as much as possible to avoid stress in their daily lives. Take vitamin B, solve their problems at work or in their relationship, and change their behavior or style of visa to avoid stressful situations. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can also reduce stress.

2. Staying Clean - This may seem obvious, but keep the area clean during an outbreak of infection is paramount. A hot bath with salts 2 to 3 times a day will help in the healing process. If drying towel is too painful or uncomfortable, you can use a hair dryer to the outbreak area.

3. Treatment - If antivirals are too severe or cause unwanted side effects, apply a natural remedy for Herpeset three times a day will help during the healing process, and is incredibly effective for the treatment of genital herpes. Supplements of lysine and vitamin B and C also help your immune system can fight infection.

Genital herpes is a very common disease, estimated that about one in five people worldwide could be infected with the virus, also known as herpes simplex virus two or HSV2. If you have herpes, you know how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a treatment regimen to keep your herpes outbreaks under control.

Fortunately, despite all the rumors and innuendo surrounding genital herpes, it is actually a very controllable disease. Different methods work for different people, and natural treatment of shingles Top UK Casinos may be beneficial for those who prefer not to take anti-viral drugs. For those using prescription drugs, natural herpes treatment can help increase the effectiveness of pharmaceutical products as well as maintaining the immune system in top shape. Those unable or unwilling to take pharmaceutical drugs (can be very costly, and may give unpleasant side effects) a natural treatment of shingles may be a safe, cheap and effective for outbreak control, pain, itching and other symptoms .

You can supplement natural herpes treatment with daily doses of zinc and vitamin C. You might also consider a special diet, with foods that help fight the virus.

Natural Herpes treatment may take the form of completing therapy, where you can make important daily doses of anti-herpes natural supplements such as zinc, lysine and vitamin C.

There are two forms of the herpes virus. A form of herpes virus that a person can get is commonly known as cold sores. The other way is that the virus causes herpes in the genital area. Both forms are highly contagious virus, and once a person has been infected with herpes, will remain with him forever in your system. Unfortunately, at present there is no permanent cure for herpes, however, is tireless research to finding a solution to this problem.

There are medications that help prevent herpes outbreaks, but even when taking medications, people usually turn to suffer herpes occasionally. If you take medications or not, there are some natural ways to help prevent the annoying and painful lesions caused by herpes.

Knowing what will trigger a herpes outbreak is the first important step in prevention. Anything that compromises a person's immune system may lead to the reappearance of the virus. Stress at one of the main causes in the decline of the immune system. Then, you must keep your body as healthy as possible. Make sure you are eating properly, and also worry about exercising regularly, in order to stay as healthy as possible. If you are under stress, must find a way to relax.

Nutritional supplements may help your immune system functioning optimally. Vitamin C, magnesium and zinc have been shown to stimulate the immune system. The addition of garlic to your diet can also be beneficial, since garlic is not only a natural antibacterial agent, but also has other nutrients that strengthen the immune system.

Acidic foods can increase the herpes sores, so it is advisable to avoid foods high in acidity. You also should avoid drinking coffee, fried foods and citrus fruits and juices because they increase the acidity levels in the body. Foods that can help reduce acidity levels in the body are whole grains, green vegetables and fruits that are not in the citrus family.

The alternatives that exist in the market to solve the problem of premature ejaculation are very diverse. In this article we make a comparison between the so-called quick fixes and long-term solutions.

Solutions Snapshot

Many men who suffer from premature ejaculation are pressured to find a solution quickly and efficiently. It is for this reason that options such as pills, creams retardants, use of condoms and other methods have emerged in a market that is obviously looking to sell the product regardless of whether the body will react buyer the right way. Also these products involve investment of money very high and constant.

Another drawback with these products is leading to a dependence on them whenever you want to have sex. With that, you lose a little spontaneity and pleasure that causes a sexual encounter. In other cases you can get to the point that if man does not have its "remedy" at hand and is about to have sex, its performance is affected by the nerves caused by not having your tool.

In general, these solutions are very advantageous as long as serve as an aid to plan long-term serious attack, which poses below.

Long Term Solutions

I personally believe that every man who suffers or has suffered from premature ejaculation, or eventually reached will go to such solutions. The reason is very simple, 90% of men who intend to end premature ejaculation do when they decide to devote time and will.

The two major long-term solutions are: professional medical help, where an expert can advise and monitor their "sexual health" and the other option is to buy the "Guide to Prolong Ejaculation. Obviously the latter is the more simple and unobtrusive as it is you who has total control of the situation.

The "Guide to Prolong Ejaculation" is a book written by Rodrigo Jorge, which provide a range of physical and mental exercises that will be building a strong self-esteem and self confidence, which after a few weeks reflect on their time in bed. In addition to advice as just described, Jorge provides information on how to better partner sex, proper nutrition to improve sexual performance and sometimes includes other free guides.

The subliminal programming is a way to reprogram your subconscious mind, take away your negative programming and start rewriting your positive programming commands. In this way, your life starts to change, as no doubt our lives and our behaviors must be 100% to our thoughts.

The subliminal programming is a way to reprogram your subconscious mind, take away your negative programming and start rewriting your positive programming commands. In this way, your life starts to change, as no doubt our lives and our behaviors must be 100% to our thoughts.

And one of the best ways to modify our thoughts, is modifying and programming your subconscious mind, for it helps us a lot of subliminal programming. Also one of the great benefits of subliminal programming is that because the messages go straight to your subconscious, you need not consciously pay attention to messages that are within the audio or video you're using.

This means that the subliminal programming is very comfortable and does not require a great effort on your part, so that the messages begin to take effect within. And because your conscious mind does not understand or grasp the subliminal messages, they can go directly to your subconscious and your subconscious will obey such statements.

One of the best forms of subliminal programming exists in our time are the subliminal videos. Because in the videos you include subliminal subliminal messages through audio and through the screen. That is, while viewing a video are put subliminal messages on the screen at a rate of 1 thousandth of a second, not consciously grasp the message, but subconsciously you can easily identify them and obey them.

And, in the audio will include messages, just as your conscious mind does not listen but the messages will go directly to your subconscious mind. Certainly the subliminal videos is one of the best ways to make the subliminal programming in your subconscious mind.


In medicine, the etiology is the study of causes and factors of a disease, this term is also used in the field of psychiatry and psychology to study the causes of psychopathology.
The etiology defines the origin of a disease based on events semiological.
Origin of term
The etiology (Greek αιτιολογ?α of αιτ?α, Atia - the cause and λ?γος, logos - study) concerns a philosophical school of the ancient world who was interested in studying the causes.


The etiology of a disease can be described as the cause of a disease. The word is part of the medical jargon. We speak of an idiopathic etiology as the cause is unknown.

Literature, folklore, anthropology

The etiology of the use of folklore and ethnology tries to give explanations for that use. Thus, from myth to assume that they related to primary emotions, natural, sociological and / or psychological symptoms. The myth of the grain goddess that half of the year in the underground to spend, constitutes one explanation for the cycle of seasons.

Many people try to create stories to explain a phenomenon: the Tangkuban Perahu, a mountain on Java, "is actually" a huge upside down canoe - hence the name. A constellation "is created" by the gods a man or an object in space have thrown. It is in fact an opportunity statements: the Tangkuban Perahu has indeed the shape of an inverted canoe.

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