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After surviving from hot summer, everyone in happy because its rainy season. But remember if you not cautious about virus, bacteria around you. This will lead to unhealthiness in your body. So to protect yourself in Rainy Season here are some useful tips.

  • Do not allow water to stand around your house. Otherwise stagnant water will help to mosquito breeding and there is chance of spreading Malaria, Dengue and other diseases.
  • In Rainy Season using cotton cloths is better. It should be full arm cloths. Do not use ordinary powder, use fungal powder.
  • Do not touch rainy water with your bare legs. Otherwise it will lead to Athlete foot.
  • In rainy season give more importance to protect your hairs. Clean your hairs by shampoo or air-conditioner.
  • Do not eat bought or outside food. Food prepared in home is best.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables with mixed potassium hot water
  • Do not allow children's to play in rain.
  • Wear warm dress when entering to room.

We thought that Heart Attack occurs only for above 50years old persons. But nowadays even for 30years old person Heart Attack will be possible. 25% of people who are below 40years and 35% to 45% who are above 50years are suffering from Heart Attack problems. And even High BP is occurring in children’s who are between 14-15 age, this is due to children’s are not involved in regular exercise and setting in front of T.V and computer and eating with potato chips. So this will affect children’s health when they come to age 40.

The main reason for Heart Attack in Men’s is due to ‘smoking cigarettes ‘.Even for Style College students will be smoking cigarettes .And in women’s smoking and diabetes are the main reasons for heart attack. Peoples who are below 40years having habit of smoking, for them five times danger in heart attack.

People who are mentally affected, has sedentary life style and not doing regular exercise are the main reasons for heart attack.

Symptoms of Heart Attack:

There will be pain inside the chest and middle portion, shoulders, left hand, backbone and other parts, and even vomiting, sweating, respiratory problem, acidity and gastric are the other problems.

How to predict before Heart Attack occurs?

60% of patients will be suffering from chest pain, pain in left hand shoulder, stomach pain and sweating are the main symptoms for Heart Attack. And also 10-20 Heart Attack patients will say they are suffering from mostly back pain or non-digestion and discomfort in throat problems.  

And also there are chances of ‘Silent Heart Attack ‘.Silent Heart Attack means Heart Attack will occur without any chest pain. This type of Silent Heart Attack will occur whoever has more diabetes and also for old people.

Even in child birth problems like there will be hole in heart, mixture of pure and impure blood disease and heart beating problems. Diseases occur after births are rheumatic fever and more blood pressure.

How to Prevent Heart Attack?

Stop smoking cigarettes, balancing weight of your body, eat a food which has low fat and high vitamins. Controlling high BP and diabetes. Doing regular exercise. Men’s who are above 35years and women’s who are above 45 years should test once a every year.

1)A natural compound found in broccoli can help relive respiratory problem.

2)bathe with hot water before you go to bed. it will help calm the body and induce deep sleep.

3)Garlic, with its anti bacterial properties, is an excellent remedy for acne. Crush it to make some paste and apply on affected area. Rinse off after 15 minutes.

4)While watching an IPL match, try not to rely on the updates and calculate the run rate by yourself. The mental exercise will help sharpen your brain.

5)To give a shine to your hair, apply a teaspoon of vinegar before washing them.

6)If the summer heat is making your hair brittle and fizzy, head for a jar of mayonnaise and slather some into your hair.

7)To meet the calcium requirement during pregnancy, aim for three to four servings of dairy products(or calcium-rich foods) every day.

8)Add cardamom to your tea, it prevents throat trouble. Also, it is best stored in pod form, because once the seeds are exposed, they quickly lose their flavour.

9)To ease skin irritation and inflammation, apply almond oil to the infected area.

10)Blow a Hair dryer on a thin comb for a few seconds and use it to curl your eye lashes.

11)Make a paste of one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and five teaspoons of honey and apply on the aching tooth. Do it thrice a day.

12)If you are stuck in a noisy place for a long period, take a five minute break every 30 minutes. It helps the ears to recover.

13)To get the most out of your oil massage, do not forget the feet and soles. Leave the oil on for 15 minutes before taking a shower, so that the body gets time to absorb the oil.

14)Have a Handful of overnight soaked beans or legumes every morning. They are rich in folic acid that helps reduce the risk of various cancers.

15)For Relief from sore throat, eat betel leaves two to three times a day.

16)Drink fresh apple juice daily. It flushes out the toxins, purifies the blood and gives you a glowing complexion.

17)If you have a hard time falling asleep, gon't drink coffee or tea in the evenings and do not exercise before bedtime.

18)As the Temperature soars, cut down on the cups of chail and coffee you have every day. They drain the water out of your body and increase the chances of dehydration.

19)Eat some pumpkin to soothe the tummy and cut down the flatulence.

20)Add fresh strawberry or mango pulp to home-made curd, It's healthier than packaged fruit yoghurts.

21)Want a toned stomach? just stand straight. Studies have shown that correct posture not only helps deal with back problems but also prevents unnecessary weight gain around the waist.

22)Women should chewa few basil leaves every day. They are believed to boost fertility and stimulate their sex drive.

23)If you have habit of sleeping on your side, avoid tucking your neck and chin together in a foetal position. It will help prevent join pain.

24)Dark circles under the eyes can be removed by applying peeled and grated potato overnight at least thrice a week.


Today in modern world use of mobiles increasing day by day, so when we hold mobile near to our ears ,then lot of electric radiation are entering to our body through ears. whoever talks more than 30 minutes for a year this lead to disease like cancer. Using a mobile more and more leads to brain cancer said by  WHO(World Health Organization) . EMR(Electro Magnetic Radiation)are the radiation stimulates when we are using mobile, so this radiation are very dangerous to our health in long run. So you should minimize timings when your talking in phone. Sending SMS & E-Mails is better way to minimize talking in phone.

Don't use mobile directly, use Hand-free or speaker mode is the better way to use the mobile.

if your mobile is on is more than enough even if you don't call or call ,Electric radiation will continuously exhibiting from mobile. And also nowadays all peoples keep their mobile in front of their chest ,keeping like this led more dangerous. Some people will thought that keeping handset in hand is safer side, but even from that also danger to health.So keeping handset 1 feet distance is safer side. And even some people when they are sleeping will keep their handset  with them and even they will keep handset near to their ear for alarm ,this are not good habits and not good for health.So keep a distance with your mobile to safer side.

So to keep away from this dangerous rays WHO introduced a SAR(Safety Absorption Ratio) ,So when all mobile company producers should follow the SAR to reduce the radiation from mobile.Even CNET introduced 10 good and bad handsets in their website.

Children and youths use the mobile more and strong rays will affect their brain and that led to cancer ,this will be more whoever below in 16 years. Mobile,phone,gaming console and tv and other gadgets should keep away from children.

Suffering From Asthma:

Growing more trees might not only make for a less polluted environment but also lower the incidence of asthma among children, according to a study.

Researches based their findings on a study of city children in the four-five age group. The study found that asthma rates in this age group fell by almost a quarter for every standard deviation increases in tree density, equivalent to 343 trees per square kilometer.

This pattern held true even after taking account sources of pollution, levels of affluence, and population density, all factors likely to influence the results.

Trees may be helping to curb asthma rates by encouraging children to play outdoors more then often or by improving air quality.

Some of our typical exercises to be higher, swimming and cycling are shown by medical researchers to force the body to produce a significant amount of human growth hormone.

The exercise-induced growth hormone (EIG) is well recognized physiologically, and is caused by acid-base balance, catecholamines, nitric oxide, and lactato.Ambos of which are produced by resistance training.

Your goal during stretching is to apply resistance training stretches that will produce large amounts of secretion of growth hormone humano.La growth hormone will thicken the cartilage, increase bone density, and make you grow taller. This is why you can not emphasize enough the importance of the intensity you need to implement each and every stretch to grow taller.

This means that you must exercise at least 10 minutes with great intensity to increase your chances of growing taller. The intensity you build must be enough to lactate in the muscles for height increase.

This lactate is active secretion of growth hormone, even after exercise, during normal rest periods for longer than 24 hours. Her body literally becomes a growth hormone manufacturing machine to increase the likelihood of any ultra.

No matter how overweight a patient has, one would expect very rapid recovery after Lap Band surgery, unlike procedures such as Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass and Duodenal Bypass, it takes longer to recover and return to your normal routine life.

The Adjustable Gastric Banding is a procedure that continues to grow in the field of Bariatric Medicine since its inception about 20 years ago and should not be confused with gastric ring fell into disuse around the world due to its high incidence of failures and complications to the benefits it could bring.

The Lap Band is considered a minimally invasive procedure, as is done with the laparoscope in its entirety and not cut or remove any organ, it allows the patient to return to work early. The Gastric Band helps to reduce the amount of food eaten, besides giving the feeling of being satisfied.


The Gastric Band change your bad habits and creates a healthier lifestyle that improves the quality of your life. All surgical procedures exist for weight require patient cooperation to a greater or lesser extent for their success, regardless weight that one has to lose, so it is false and wrong to think that among heavier patients require a more drastic procedure to solve it.

The first couple of weeks following a Lap Band, eating solid foods is prohibited. Instead, you are asked to follow a diet that will help you get an idea of your new lifestyle.

The first week is a strict liquid diet and then you move to the soft diet puree, eggs, fish, chicken and vegetables cooked and possible changes to the 4th week to the food of a normal diet.

Once you are able to eat foods that get used regularly, you recommend foods that are accepted and foods that can cause problems. These foods include but are not limited to some breads, dried fruits, nuts and coconut, popcorn corn, fried foods, pasta, vinegar, alcohol, pepper and some seasonings.

Given the amount of food they consume compared to how much you use before surgery, you should choose what to eat properly, ie, you choose the quality of what you eat, so they go down in weight and win no more weight of you already have. 


Patients with Gastric Banding also recommend them eat their meals at a slow pace, giving enough time to chew and savor your meals. This will take you half an hour to finish the meal, in doing so, you also hear that organ signal lets you know when enough is enough. Once you got the feeling of fullness you stop eating immediately, otherwise, if you choose to continue eating, the consequences can cause discomfort and ultimately will result in you gain weight.

Eating a balanced diet after a gastric band, full of nutrient-dense foods rich in vitamins and minerals, allowing your body to lose weight while you clean and remove bad toxins that make you feel better both mentally and physically.

With The Lap Band is expected to have routine checkups with the aid of fluoroscopy in the radiology center. This is the main feature and most important of all, what makes the Lap Band be unique within the procedures for weight loss as the Lap Band system, unlike other weight loss procedures, allows control and adjustment with a syringe the level of restriction or limitation to eat, evaluate your progress and if necessary, close or open the Band .

Have you ever had those moments "arrrghh" now last with your teen? Welcome to the club! It is not the only parent who is distressed with the problems of teenagers today.

Always keep in mind that no one taught us how to educate children and that you are learning and growing with them. It's normal.

Whatever your teen's problem, whether emotional, behavioral or family, take heart, there is always a solution.

When the first problems occur during adolescence, parents usually react with restrictive measures. Concerned about the welfare of their children, exercise their authority to have more control over their lives.

Although these measures can be effective, especially for your child at risk of harm are not always the most appropriate.

Sometimes it is wiser to operate differently.

First of all, you should try to understand her son. If he or she has a disturbing behavior should not be seen just how annoying it is his attitude. It is only the outward manifestation of a much larger problem.

In the same way it is useless to detach the leaves of a bush to stop it, you should go to the root of the matter.

Many of the problems in our teens today are rooted in the lack of time for the parents.

This is because one of the things that has suffered in our busy world today is the family. In many homes today is only one parent and, if the two, both parents work.

It is a fact that sometimes we can not change, but it does help that we are aware of their negative effects on our family. In this way we can minimize the damage that our lifestyles may be causing our children.

Use every moment to be with your teen. For this stage of his life as a father - who just a couple of years if you think about it - it's best to stop other activities aside and focus on your child, especially if it has problems. You have a few years to make a difference in the life of his son. It is better for advantage.

A couple of hours a week can make a difference from heaven to earth for the life of his son. Remember, always a premium on quality over quantity of time.

Take time to talk with your teen. Accompany your activities and get involved in their lives. If it does so with a genuine interest in his life, he or she is going to open and soon you will find having the most incredible conversations with your teen. There go the road.

Do not be surprised with their hairstyles, tattoos, "piercing" or ways of dressing. It's more important what is happening in the heart of his son that what is happening outside. The external change, but the heart may have wounds, fears and insecurities that will be detrimental to their future lives. Focus on that.

Understand that differences of opinion you have with your teenager is normal and necessary. Your child is developing its own personality and sometimes manifest in a clumsy and immature, but needs to express it.

At such times the language of love and understanding is much more powerful than the authority and control.

The assessment tools pediatric pain provide access to the patient's subjective state with the dual aim of:

- Get as much information on the different dimensions of pain perception (intensity, location, duration, frequency).
- Assess their cognitions and emotional reactions to the pain experience.

These aspects can only be known through introspection, proving very difficult to do from the assessments of parents or health workers, making self-reports in almost indispensable tools in the evaluation of pain. They are widely used in research and hospital practice as useful to get a quick view of the difficulties of the patient on which to investigate further. They can serve as a measure pre / post-treatment and as a means to reach a description 'objective' of the subjectivity of the individual.

The child self-report is generally the most reliable and valid measure of pain for the pediatric patient, provided that the instrument used is appropriate and suits the age and socio-cultural characteristics of the child. For example, faces scales are useful for school children but not for children under 2 years.

There are several types of self-reports to suit different needs and stages of development of pediatric patients. The most common methods are:

A. Projective methods
B. Interviews
C. Scales
D. Questionnaires
E. Shelf  

The latter three are the most used by the simplicity of the procedure and they adapt better to the rapid and reliable assessment as required in hospitals. Less attention has been given the interview and projective tests.

The game and play activities, are a fact highly enriching and rewarding for the child and the child, and for this reason, the emphasis on risk and vulnerability as the hospitalization.

In light of support which is offered at the lowest to the situations generated by illness and hospitalization, he will face a better way all such situations, thus avoiding the experience so traumatic.

Recreational activity will serve to lower outlet for certain aspects of their new reality, but also should help the child cope and understand this new reality. Will enable him to relate to other people, other children that may be found in the same situation, besides him to understand certain situations, changes, values and norms in this period of his life.

So in the case of animation Hospital is essential to articulate a set of leisure activities, support and rehabilitative care for the duration of the disease, trying to periods of hospitalization and stay at home are as close as possible to everyday experiences that hitherto enjoyed the least.

In addition, the traumatic events suffered by the child in the suffering of illness and hospitalization can be mastered through play activities. For example, placement or surgery are treated better if you also explain, the child will experience several times in games. When playing doctor, his passive suffering becomes active command of the situation, allowing symbolically address issues of concern.

For all these reasons, the game, understood in its broadest sense, is fundamental to the development of the sick child. Thus, personal relationships and the use of animation and gaming, will be one of the key factors for the recovery of the child and its subsequent integration into daily life, while stressing the improvement of creative leisure admitted patients, their escorts and hospital workers.

Pilfood is a dietary supplement that contains a special formulation of amino acids, vitamins and essential fatty acids - all nutrients that scientific studies involving thousands of people who have proven helpful in maintaining healthy hair growth.

Pilfood is ideal for:

  •  Sordo, lifeless hair 
  •  Strengthening of thinning hair 
  •  The new strong hair growth after sudden hair loss 
  •  Supportive treatment for male pattern baldness 
  •  Hair and brittle nails 

Strong, healthy hair needs to be fed from the inside. Each of the 100,000 to 400,000 hairs found in an average head consists of two parts: the root, which is nourished by the blood through the papilla and hair shaft, which is visible, and largely composed of a protein called keratin.

Keratin has to be manufactured by our bodies, it is not something that can be rubbed, or otherwise applied to the hair. Pilfood Capsules provide sulfur amino acids (including DL-methionine and L-cysteine), the body uses building blocks to encourage the production of keratin, and to help keep your hair strength and elasticity.

Suitable for: people with diabetes and women in pregnancy. Pilfood not suitable for those following a gluten-free or lactose-free diet, or for vegetarians (unless the contents are extracted from the capsule).

Pilfood is generally very well tolerated and does not cause unwanted side effects. Occasional mild gastrointestinal irritation may occur if you have a sensitivity to millet, in which case the dose should be reduced.

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